Previous Thread; Next Thread; Please make a selection first; new « Prev; 1; Next » snoggle In memoriam. 78 % spent on running and operating the network every day. ANNUAL REVIEW . Transport for London (TfL) has published its draft Annual Report and Statement of Accounts for the year ending 31 March 2015, which will be considered by the TfL Board at its next meeting on 1 July. The TfL Annual Report and Statement of Accounts also set out, as it does each year, senior remuneration across the TfL group of companies. Traffic signals . Consultation documents and reports related to the Ultra Low Emission Zone. These reports list all expenditure of more than £250 for TfL and more than £500 for Crossrail, These reports focus on a range of aspects related to fares and ticketing, Archive plans for the redevelopment of 55 Broadway. Read our Annual Reports from previous years. influencing TfL’s decision to cut buses by 40 percent along Oxford Street. Annual Reports and Financial Statements. In March, I published my Transport Strategy. Share Thread. We publish the results of all tenders, Strategic outline business case for a possible reinstatement of Camberwell rail station, This page collates Car Line Diagrams and Car Line Diagram stickers for all Tube lines, TFL Rail, London Overground and DLR dating from 1996 to 2015, We proactively publish all expenses claimed by Chief Officers and expenditure on their use of mobile phones, Describes our ethics, employee behaviour and policies relevant to conduct of business, Documents for residential development for Colindale, Find advertising and sponsorship policies and reports as well as minutes from the Mayor's Advertising Steering Group, The report updates the TfL Board on significant projects and initiatives, TfL's policy on dealing with unreasonable complaints, This report sets out the main areas of customer complaints and steps being taken to address them, Consultation documents and reports related to the Congestion Charging scheme, Find out about using Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (also known as driverless cars) in London, This page shows the number of contactless payment cards that have been used since we launched the system. Read our latest Budget and Business Plan. An audit of the LBSL contracted fleet is carried out once a year. Read our latest Annual Report. Annual report 2016-2017 Steve O'Connell AM - Chairman of the Police & Crime Committee 2016/2017 Recommendation 2 Transport for London should publish modelling for a future fares freeze by the end of the 2018-19 financial year. KEOLIS Group 2011 Annual Report . Message from the Mayor Working towards my Transport Strategy, we are committed to making transport in London safer, cleaner and more affordable. Read our Annual Reports from previous years. Contents. We have to apply to the Office of Rail Regulation (ORR) for certification and authorisation to operate trains, stations and infrastructure safely. Transport for London have released their annual report today. 5. Working timetables are rail industry timetables. Annual Report 2014 . These are independent reviews, general project updates and papers to the Mayor on Crossrail and the Elizabeth line. There are also links to other reports of interest (station entry/exit figures, Tube upgrade plan and Quarterly Investment Programme reports). STAT reports on progress through its annual reports … Select Post; Deselect Post; Link to Post; Member. From my first day as Mayor, I have been on a mission to create modern and affordable transport that works for every Londoner. Remuneration of members of the CRL Board and Executive Committee. We publish details of future contract opportunities for TfL Corporate, TfL Surface and London Underground (over £500k) on a periodic basis. 12 Transport for London > Annual Report and Statement of Accounts 2010/2011 During 2010/11, TfL has continued working on and embedding the expanded efficiencies programme, which is now in its second year. TfL-operated Rail and London Underground routes. 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Reports, studies and practical toolkits that present the economic benefits of walking and cycling. Posts: 2,188 Draft TfL Annual Report and Accounts 2014/15 Jun 9, 2015 13:46:13 GMT . Emirates Air Line passenger journeys. These reports summarise the work we have done to improve London's transport network, Agendas and minutes from all Audit & assurance committee meetings, Airport policy documents include submissions to Parliament by Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, Our plans should ease congestion in Bank and Monument stations by 2022, Agendas and minutes from our most recent board meetings, These plans describe how we will implement and fund the projects that underpin the Mayor's Transport Strategy, These documents provide useful background on a range of bus-related issues. Transport for London Annual Report and Statement of Accounts 2017/18 3. Includes publication dates for board papers, performance reports, financial reports and contracts. From the streets we live on to the bus and Tube services we use, transport shapes our daily lives and creates new opportunities. Elizabeth line Rule Book. They show all movements on the Tube network including empty trains and those coming in and out of depots, Includes our Commercial Strategy - the principles behind our commercial activities, A summary of our improvements to London's transport network during the previous year, Our commitments and reviews of our safety, health and environmental performance, How we will implement the Mayor's Transport Strategy and provide the best value for London, Investors,Media,Public,A,Corporate information,Finance,Performance,Regular reports,Research, Suppliers,A,Policy,Assisted travel,Aviation,Buses,Coaches,Cycling,Deliveries,DLR,Driving,Emirates Air Line,London Overground,Motorcycle,Rail,River,Taxis and minicabs,Trams,Tube,Walking, A,C,Committee and panel meetings,Corporate information,Finance,Regular reports,Transparency data, Tube passengers,B,City of London,Tube improvement,Tube, B,C,Committee and panel meetings,Corporate information,Performance,Policy,Regular reports, Bus operators,Bus 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