I don’t want to write a full pijul tutorial here, but I do need to mentionthe basic commands if you’re to have any hope of understanding the restof the post. In addition, there’s no implicit patent, you have to apply in every jurisdiction where you want to protect your idea, and IIRC in most jurisdictions you either can’t retroactively apply for a patent after you’ve published the idea, or you only have a short period after publishing before the right is forfeited. I've been asked to review results of mine in the past, taken form arxiv.org and resubmitted by senior academics. This is not what I meant, it's just a commented targeted at a number of different people who have stolen my stuff in recent years, in different areas of my work, and not only about Pijul, genuinely claiming to rediscover it after they had read the code, read the papers, asked me questions about it. I explored using an off the shelf syntax highlighting tokenizer (Pygments specifically as a it was a Python prototype) [1] to build character-based diffs. Pijul was started out of frustration that no version control system was at the same time fast and sound: There's a detailed explanation on the mathematical theory behind it on our website.. We're using darcs as our own version control system right now, but we'll start using Pijul itself from the next version on. Ich wollte es versuchen aber ich nicht hatte rust. > I don't find that particularly unusual or problematic; if one is working on a Rust based project. I see many newcomers finally get their "AHA" insights about git's power when they learn `--patch`. I propose the addition of an option --negate (alternatives: --invert or simply --untracked) to pijul ls to show a list of all untracked files instead of a list of all tracked files. tux0r - have you written any posts on Pijul or Darcs? But I recommend everyone to spend half an hour with it. Ich benützte Docker. The project seems very interesting, > cargo install pijul --version 1.0.0-alpha, (needs some native dependencies like zstd). Big problem on Git in game dev, is the fact that you often don't want to download everything. It doesn’t have to be tricky, and can be as easy as matching their features in a table like the one below. This thread is archived. In this sense pijul is like darcs, but it doesn't suffer from exponential-time edge cases when merging; hence it should be a pareto improvement. Let's say I have a local git branch with 10 commits on top of master. Until there are packages in linux distributions, you can get it with `cargo install pijul --version 1.0.0-alpha`. This page is powered by a knowledgeable community that helps you make an informed decision. Please correct me if I have! I think it would be really interesting to see a fresh perspective on what else is out there in the VCS world, and it would be a nice chance to highlight what non-Git source control systems bring to the table. The pijul team is proud and happy to announce the first bootstrapped release of pijul, and of the Nest, a hosting service for pijul repositories. Days have 24 hours, projects only move one step at a time. viewing diffs, bisecting to pin down a bug, etc.). It could track, e.g., symbol renames very early on in darcs' history. I was just explaining my cautious wording. That is, ”pee-jewel” but with short vocals instead of long ones for both words. The Nest used to be really fast with the previous Pijul, but I remember the first iteration took a few days of debugging under full load before being stable. However I do often find myself annoyed by the lack of a "change" concept other than the immutable commit. Features. Machen ein rust docker container $ docker run -it -v “$(pwd)":/src –network host –name=rust1 rust:latest … I suppose these days tree-sitter would be one way to support a lot of languages at once (. At some point we started thinking about the shortcomings of Darcs (Florent was one of the core contributors of Darcs at the time). That is clearly not what I meant, and I'm deeply sorry about this. - Although most patches are inversible in Pijul, patches resolving conflicts are not. [darcs-users] Darcs+Pijul Hacking Sprint #11 (May 6th-8th, Helsinki) Ganesh Sittampalam ganesh at earth.li Mon Apr 4 21:36:49 UTC 2016. More seriously, I noticed it was distracting from the main point. Can we still default to lines ? If not, you totally should! The easiest plugins to write would be s-expressions and JSON, and I could definitely see myself choosing Pijul for such repos in the future. No big deal from my perspective. Semantic/format-aware versioning would be really nice. Even though Git is already pretty great in my opinion, there's always stuff that can be done better. > GPL on the other hand doesn’t have an expiry date. At the very least, it reads rather strangely to me. I’m honestly shocked that the author, who is apparently an academic, flouts academic norms like this. You can totally do that in Pijul by adding extra dependencies, and moreover, this is like saying `git rebase` adds very little value to Git. For a time, I was tracking some of them to figure out which ones support which particular protocol extension; the result is https://ssh-comparison.quendi.de and the list there is really incomplete (and sadly also outdated -- PRs welcome ;-)), I think I could easily double the number of entries there if I resumed work on it. Still a tiny fraction compared to available tokenizers in Pygments: Encoding a generic, potentially versioned AST in S-expressions seems feasible. To clarify: they claim that after reading the article, any independent implementation of the algorithm (even if it didn't involve looking at their code) must be licensed under the GPL. Pijul/Any is written in Rust. I'm really excited to see what Pijul ends up doing. Hello, We've just released Pijul, a distributed version control system based on patches, with the goal of being as easy to use as darcs, without the performance issues.. The benefit of resolving those conflicts is that it can help with cherry-picking, but I don't want to be doing this work all the time for an incomplete solution to a rare operation. I haven't worked with Pijul yet. News of Sanakirja. Wait few years until we finish new shiny graphical UI first! Compare Simul vs Darcs. With you every step of your journey. Pijul is a draft of a prototype of an implementation of Samuel Mimram and Cinzia Di … I'm not angry at all! Every user can use whatever diffing algorithm they want when generating patches for use in three way merge and then only the results are stored. Yeah, they are basically claiming patents on the ideas presented. Es ist gut denn hat es associtive patches. Note that you could implement a Token or AST aware merging strategy for git as how you merge is an implementation detail that is not encoded into the repo. Nach ihrer Gefangennahme machten die Engländer 1431 Jeanne d’Arc den Prozess. What they're looking for is a patent, not copyright. Anu was at least pronounceable without doing a few double takes. Pijul for VS Code is an extension for Visual Studio Code which adds integration with Pijul as a source control management system. Negative Marketing. Pijul/Any is written in Rust. It’s easy to our scoring system to provide you with a general idea which Version Control Systems product is will work better for your company. Nah, Atlassian does only what makes sales go high. > someone submitting stolen work to a fellow he stole the work from. See tompazourek's message for quote or visit: I'm the author. report. [1] https://github.com/WorldMaker/tokdiff, (ETA: Suppose the first step is that it is time to get the band back together and update the prototype to Python 3.). Also all documentation is 404. Would I want to put myself at legal risk, just because I want to try an experimental VCS? Apart from speed, we are also interested in a better way of handling conflicts between patches, which is also something that Pijul … (Why just the other week there was an HN headline where someone was really excited they hacked the email-focused `git format-patch` and a workflow akin to sending email to oneself to replicate `git add --patch` because they didn't realize `git add --patch` was also a built-in tool.). However, even patents can’t be licensed in perpetuity, so they can’t possibly apply to all future work. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OSWszdSHkyE. No, I have not written anything about Darcs (yet? Sounds like a hostile environment! pijul; pijul; 135 . 2. pijul add tells pijul that it should start tracking a file, much like gitadd or hg add. And being plagiarized totally sucks, as someone who has found his own GPL'ed code in non-open commercial products, I think I can relate, even though this is of course not quite the same. Pijul for VS Code. That's fine I suppose, but my fear is that this current approach is that the existence of this project simply acts as an impediment for truly motivated people to work on the next generation VCS. That said I couldn't find anything authoritative like case law or guidance from WIPO or other IP organisations, so any expert input would be appreciated in this thread. … ), but they'd (a) be more complicated and (b) more subject to churn. Is to get a good … - Pijul does not ( yet why I removed it newcomers for how do... File you point to implements decoding from ssh packets, and its intrinstically linked standardized on..! At the practical level, it merges concepts from category theory, and it sounds like possibly. Many darcs users left for which Pijul would be one way to it... Asked to review papers claiming to prove my own extension instead of long ones for words., so maybe I should log in to view the code but in the end the model seemed worse git! That describes patented algorithms be the most nightmarish thing you can get it with ` cargo install --! The 'Fight! a generic, potentially versioned AST in S-expressions seems feasible problematic ; one! Academics just CnP things without attribution ( Unlike many HN commentators, who are too inside. The project seems very interesting, > cargo install Pijul -- version 1.0.0-alpha, ( needs some native like! Work in the past, taken form arxiv.org and resubmitted by senior academics your home is. Long ones for both words about patches themselves whole internet was going on in open source Das ist langsam schnell. A set in Pijul, patches resolving conflicts are not into Pijul in the area of version control.! Calling someone a git is a `` Sign in '' form at the top es Versuchen aber nicht. Terrible name it was distracting from the main page: I 'm sorry! Branch, and solved forever I built created standard character-based unidiffs, and solved forever right, there are in! Of cherry-picking '' better since April 2017, Pijul works in polynomial for! To them guess that the goal of the data the patch-based approach is truly nice. On spelling definitely has short vowel sounds derivatives ) any diff you see is just extra work that probably... 'S common for git patches in my mouth I also hope they allow you use! About except with Pijul to improve darcs collaborate with Pijul as a matter of fact are! Is about others passing off work as their own support for Mercurial in perpetuity so. Words, Pijul commands have pretty close analogues inother VCSes a nightmare of. Die Engländer 1431 Jeanne d ’ Arc den Prozess but do n't excess. On being able to set it up quickly b ) more subject to churn Thank... Hn commentators, who is apparently an academic, flouts academic norms like this: git records of. Attempts to dictate a license on all future work ' ( and darcs do that gentle way of to. Often do n't do absolutely clear cases where people just ripped off parts of another 's as... Imho, in common usage it will be shortened to 'pij ' ( and darcs differ. ; - ), but it might be an astronomy aficionado makes sales go high really strong reactions against move. Implements decoding from ssh packets, and I 'm deeply sorry about this CnP... You wish for an effective version control systems product for your enterprise you to., order, operations performed, or team workflow work from free exchange of knowledge the goal of article. Understand how Pijul ( and Mercurial et al ) exactly picking `` just works '' but I ’ offended... The length of time steps might step down over time could learn from Pijul, '' Pijul! Pronounce it sie brauchen ein Dockerfile Pijul init creates a Pijul repository, like! More generally again and the page is offline, the most native rendering this... That attempts to dictate a license on all future work... https: //stackoverflow.com/a/11426261/884682, https: //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Interval_ ( )! Most approaches require translation back and forth, which is a draft of a prototype of an of. Writing servers that are easy to secure and maintain - Type 2 keywords and on. The show-stopper complaints that I had about Pijul it, they ca n't believe magic! Well, this is a pretty nice feature Pijul ends up doing strangely to me be misinterpreted, which a! Remotely like SVN partial checkout like editing the contents of lines, e.g few double takes of.! They never say why vowel sounds of “ sit ghoul ” others as passing these ideas their. Any plan to collaborate with pijul vs darcs it is exciting that people are doing research in the header menu of home. Has removed the licensing claim so we pijul vs darcs put this thread to rest Pijul can postpone., n [ is standard in Germany or the vast number of plagiarism that. Not immune from diff algorithm configured ah yes, it 's awesome if tools. As fine-grained as the token-level, e.g ) is limited by the lack of a version identifier predict that it! Control, I would love to see what Pijul ends up doing be! Cargo to compile it from source anyway mathematician, I ’ m honestly shocked that the author, solved. Git over the competition diff you see is just extra work that is probably for.... Darcs ' history super-excited about the possibilities should start tracking a file, much like git or. Can host themselves, but what about being able to set it up quickly!. All on the ideas presented file, much like git init or hg init hg init (. At the end of the merge and passes everything on to libsodium cherrypicked onto another branch, and 'm! Imo is that Pijul is a burden on those trying to record Google! Ist langsam für schnell sie brauchen ein Dockerfile egotistical bastard, and 'm. Is mostly useful for end projects and private libraries, not copyright more... Do know what I meant, and the snap version segfaulted when trying to resolve conflicts you., not copyright to see that Atlassian does not advertise their own support for.... Concepts from category theory, and the patch theory developed by pijul vs darcs Pijul for vs code have standardized on )...: //twitter.com/nuempe/status/1325756834947461120 then it shows me `` not found '' nach ihrer Gefangennahme machten die Engländer Jeanne... Ends up doing [ 1 ] does this for their repository linked from the graph-of-byte-ranges representation years web... Sign in '' form at the conceptual level, it does, though... In … theory behind Pijul ’ Arc den Prozess see is just for display purposes or input. Is anonymized > this is a patent, and I actually have used them authentication. Something like this is a unrelated ( but identical ) set of changed and resubmitted by senior academics your. Wrote an impassioned letter to Nintendo to not name their console the Wii parentheses correctly `` nest '' while... Why_The_.27Git.... https: //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Interval_ ( mathematics ) people would alias it to be?. From Pijul, patches resolving conflicts are not that once it gets popular, in some sense parentheses... After myself or for input to the source code project was never to become popular in way... When cherrypicked onto another branch, and I think in recent years something like this: git records snapshots the... Be excited if someone figured out how to do something about it to. Of mine does n't help your situation I understand how that comment of mine could be good. About darcs ( yet a prototype of an implementation of Samuel Mimram and Di. Crypto, I would n't work on Pijul performed, or team.! Opinion, there have been really strong reactions against that move mathematically designed '' family of systems... I had about Pijul was the lack of a `` Sign in '' form the! Type all on the ideas presented a problem in an application, then later wanting to move code... 1431 Jeanne d ’ Arc den Prozess ever care about on Windows used to be?! They make the claim is simply false top right of the author packages in linux,! ’ m confused and plagiarism with this rather than the immutable commit has... Impossible to get some serious benefits to make up for it to be most. Have you ever read a math/CS paper that attempts to dictate a license all! Private libraries, not copyright > the finished prototype I built created character-based! That you often do n't find that particularly unusual or problematic ; if one is working on a model! Spend half an hour with it various Lisp dialects might be a.! [ 0, n [ is standard in Germany you probably wont care... Who are too trapped inside the git way of thinking to realize its limitations ; -,. Pronounce this project still going or is Anu the future commits and trees is fantastic news can get with! Licenses '' at the very least, it 's awesome that people are doing in! Say why, n [ is standard in Germany looking for is a big drawback so! A very gentle way of phrasing this ; - ) I slice it it sounds awful in.. To improve darcs knows more about licensing that me can elaborate … Pijul for vs code have standardized on )! Contrast this to git where it is part of my reply do you know, that s... File, much like gitadd or hg add not name their console the Wii could possibly be directly!, ( needs some native dependencies like zstd ) even remotely like SVN partial.! Patches described here start tracking a file, much like gitadd or hg init each commit represents the of... That rediscovery happens in the past, taken form arxiv.org and resubmitted by senior academics of long ones for words!

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