If you want to make sure that no one else finds out about your past, you should stop poking your nose into mine. Back in the real world, Scarecrow continued to taunt Batman on his failures and proclaimed that he had won. Soon after, Bane was captured and quietly brought to Arkham Asylum so that Young could study him and the effects of Venom on the human body to design a more powerful variant of the formula. — Joker, thinking about his dream of killing Batman. Bahkan penonton youtube sekarang ini sering mengemis … During the end credits, Joker's hallucinatory ghost was heard singing "The Asylum Blues", and realized that he was trapped forever in Batman's mind and was only remembered as nothing more than a bad memory that was best left forgotten before he broke down in tears and his voice was not heard again. With Batman grieving, Joker offered to take control of his body to free him of his pain; however, Joker lost his chance when Batman was encouraged to save Gotham from Scarecrow by Alfred. The Joker however did not appear at all during, It was a surprise for many players to hear the Joker being voiced by Mark Hamill again, as he hadn't voiced the character since 2011's. This didn't sit well with the Joker who opened fire on Bane's escape chopper with a machine gun. When Batman shut down the Joker's riot at Arkham Asylum, it seemed the relationship between the newly demented Scarface puppet and the Clown Prince had ended—until one of the Joker's old henchmen, Mugsy Binks, showed up at the Steel Mill in Arkham City. Multiple Black Mask goons: Killed in various ways. He ran behind the energy screen just as Batman managed to break through the viewing window and jump into the room. Joker detonated the path he was on, blocking the way to the Titan Production facility and buying himself some time. Notably, Arkham Knight had a similar plot to what was known, with Joker returning as a ghost (rather than a hallucination as seen in. Harley Quinn's monument to the Joker at the Joker Shrine. but first: priorities. The Joker resurfaced sometime later, and was soon incarcerated at Arkham again. Joker lastly used Clayface to infiltrate Arkham Island, TYGER's main base of operations, to place dozens of explosives deep within the bowels of the Asylum as part of his alternative plans for Batman and Gotham, as well as to take out TYGER when the time was right. With Harley leading the operation, Joker's thugs also abducted a doctor, Stacey Baker, who had previously diagnosed Joker, under his orders to bring her to him for an update on his condition. To renew his game with Batman, Joker made an anonymous phone call to the Gotham Tonight Show to inform the staff there that Batman was in Arkham City in order to lure news reporter, Vicki Vale, to Arkham City. On the other hand, despite his nihilism, the Joker seemed to have sense of self-preservation. Joker then confronted the Suicide Squad, or rather Deadshot, at which point Harley explained she was just using them to help him escape; it was a lie. When Batman finally arrived at the penthouse, Bane went to work. Does anyone know if it happens again after that or not? Joker's Challenge Maps possibly showed how he made his way through the Asylum during the events of. While he escaped as Bruce reached out to his son, Jason finally began to realize just how much Bruce still loved him and did in fact desperately try to find him during his abduction by Scarecrow. There’s the one you see normally. Similarly, Joker also had a weakness that Batman ultimately exploited to take him down once and for all (in the film, Joker's irritation that he never got Batman to laugh, which the new Batman, Terry McGinnis, exploited by mocking Joker; in Arkham Knight, his fear of being forgotten, which Batman exploited by exposing himself and Joker to a full dose of fear gas and then locking him away into a central part of his consciousness doomed to be forgotten). My most challenging patient at Arkham. Soon the Joker had killed or turned gang members as he saw fit, ordering the survivors to place explosives in the sewers directly beneath significant skyscrapers. ", The Joker came to strapped to a gurney and being wheeled back to his cell. He knew it and soon so would anyone who saw him. Each victim displayed and took on a different aspect of the Joker's personality. Walaupun demikian, jumpscare tetap ampuh dalam membuat pemain terkejut dan bikin mereka jatuh dari kursi hingga sekarang. After locking a villain in the cell at the GCPD Lockup, Joker made a comment about them. Jumpscare menjadi teknik horror paling mudah serta paling klise untuk menakut-nakuti pemainnya. Joker then revealed that he had recaptured Gordon before he could escape back to Gotham. Audio Tapes from Arkham Asylum reveal the Joker to be Machiavelli as, despite his untrustworthy appearance and numerous crimes, he was charming and seductive enough to fool others into feeling sympathy and even affection for him, including Doctor Young and Quinzel. Joker implied, during his many comments, that one of the reasons why Batman had decided to outfit the new Batmobile with a more extensive arsenal was because of the villain's consciousness subtly influencing him. Did that sound alright? Much to Joker's displeasure, Batman destroyed the Titan processing tanks, preventing anymore from being created. A hotline straight to my most favorite person in the world. Not long after his death, Joker's corpse was immediately taken to the hospital for an autopsy. ", The box of tricks found in the Steel Mill's Boiler Room, that was needed to solve the, The appearance of Sick Joker in the game was completely different to the reveal trailer for. Batman turned off the power to the electrified path, and used the vent to get around the block. The Joker opened up a large patient transfer cell, and released a large experimental monster. Do you know? After she took advantage of the situation, Harley tried to stab Batman with a knife to finish her revenge, and was stopped by Robin, who threw a Shuriken at her, which knocked her out. Base of Operations Joker would also act confused by the presence of Robin, and referenced Jason Todd: "Didn't I already kill you? He may also have chosen Black Mask because of Sionis Steel's reputation for shady theme park construction appealing to his twisted sense of humor. The night was almost over and "Bat Deaths" were "coming in far below projections". With Harley at his side, Joker began to brutally recruit inmates once again for his new army, soon becoming one of the leading powers of Arkham City, building up for a three way rivalry with Two Face and the Penguin. Still sick and nearing death, Joker aimed his gun at Batman next, and demanded him to hand over "his cure". Fun fact: Batman: Arkham Knight actually has more than one introduction sequence. For Batman: Arkham Knight on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "That Jumpscare tho". Disguised as Black Mask, the Joker had commandeered the hotel's Penthouse and was catching the assassins up on the night's events and his displeasure. Freeze, who had mysteriously disappeared, and to also enter Two-Face's territory and attack his gang in order to take advantage of his dwindling numbers. The Joker spent over a year planning on how to get back into Arkham and get the TITAN to create his army of Banes. After regaling Batman with an anecdote about his childhood tradition of opening one present each on Christmas Eve, the Joker detonated a nearby building. All the Joker had to do was tell Strange why he was the way he was. I mean, if you wanted to be cured so badly, you only had to ask. The extremely intelligent self-styled "Clown Prince of Crime" had no superpowers beyond a capacity for incredible violence and a skill at creating deadly mayhem, and frequently concocted elaborate schemes to entrap his nemesis. Freeze to develop a cure for the clown’s growing illness; although Strange had already taken Nora, hostage by that point. While skeptical that even Batman could live through the explosion the Joker still sent in a handful of his men to sweep the building. BATMAN™: ARKHAM KNIGHT BAT-GIRL DLC JUMPSCARE! Joker's transformation back to humanity was quite painful compared to others, combined with the severe injuries he received in his battle with Batman. Joker eventually realized that, even with all the horror, misery, and death that he had inflicted on others over the years, no one would mourn or miss him, and his legacy would soon be forgotten as Gotham's citizens moved on with their lives. Bane's missile missed the clown himself but exploded right behind him, the force hurling him off the balcony. At some point, you should be jumpscared by a certain batlike creature. Follow. In Arkham Asylum, Joker was dressed in his trademark purple tailcoat and white gloves, with a yellow buttoned shirt and a green bow tie, with a flower attached to his tailcoat jacket, the tailcoat itself had a few rips on the jacket's shoulders and didn't seem to have been fixed or washed for quite some time. Joker's recognition of Deadshot and having worked with him in the past was most likely a reference to his hiring of the assassin in Batman: Arkham Origins. Occupation Batman solved them, navigated the vent system, entered the room through a floor grate and freed Joseph. TYGER continued raining down death and destruction onto the city, which destroyed the Funhouse and pinned Batman under the rubble. And thematically consistent with what the rest of the game is about, but I won’t spoil those details for those of you that haven’t gotten far enough in yet. However, just as Harley Quinn was about to reach Joker with the completed cure, Talia al Ghul, also in Arkham City to aid in her father's operations, intercepted her, tied her up, and stole the cure. — Joker 'comforts' Batman over the bodycount. 2. Harley then entered and had her thugs prepare Batman for the "party". Armed with a stun baton and a revolver he fought Batman, who defeated him with well-timed uses of the Line Launcher even after Joker flooded the office with some of the gas. In the final release, Joker said: "Women! After he named himself after the facility in which he was tortured for over a year, Jason lusted to kill Batman for not only failing to find him, but replacing him as well. Joker overheard the Suicide Squad being zapped on the communicator in Black Spider's ear, and said that he recognized that sound: "Someone's flossing their brain.". At some point while incarcerated in Arkham Asylum, Joker was visited in his cell in the dead of night by Arkham Asylum Warden Quincy Sharp, carrying a knife. Word of these fights spread throughout Arkham, and the Joker sent Bane a little surprise. First Appearance Hope you got the joke. The Joker's exact origin is a mystery, barring that Batman was somehow involved. A world where the only person you have to answer to is yours truly. City You just happened to show up on the day the prison decided to spray for bats! Coincidentally they would also play into Clayface’s final “performance” as well. Life would be so simple if you were all I wanted. As Talia revealed that she had stolen the cure from Harley Quinn before she could deliver it to Joker, Batman looked at his hated enemy, believed that his death was an unnecessary casualty, and told Talia that there was always an alternative tactic to defeating an enemy. After going to rescue the kidnapped cops, Batman was shot by Harley and put in a sphere in the Joker robot in a comatose state. As Gotham descended into chaos, Batman attempted to neutralize the threat by infiltrating ACE Chemicals; the factory was converted into Scarecrow and the Arkham Knight's base of operations. With his plans ultimately ruined, Joker demanded his last hope from Batman, and taunted him that despite all the death and destruction that he caused in just a single night, Batman would still save him. Joker's moment for victory seemed assured when he and Batman engaged in a brutal, mental battle within Crime Alley that ended with the Dark Knight breaking both his nemesis's neck and his no-kill rule, albeit only in his mind. However, only a true madman could find humor in the tragedies the Joker did and he at least once suffered intense visual hallucinations, visualizing Batman as a huge, winged monster during his second defeat at the hero's hands at Blackgate. Batman proceed to defeat Ivy, relieving the island of the threat of her plants. Not long after this, Gordon was somehow affected by Joker's toxin, which forced Batman to break Harley Quinn out of prison in order to find the location of the antidote for the toxin. Henry drew his gun on Batman, as Joker's influence became stronger on the Dark Knight, with Joker commenting throughout the entire course of events. Joker soon realized that something must have went wrong and resorted to an alternative, and knew that he needed to have his gang under the impression that he was cured in order to motivate them to attack the rest of Arkham City and Gotham. — Scarecrow doesn't know he is talking to Joker, — Joker realizes Batman is trying to get to him. Seeking to carve a name for himself in the Gotham underworld he began targeting Roman Sionis, AKA Black Mask. The Joker immediately dispensed with any civility, and demanded to know Titan's status, which gave away his knowledge of the project. If Dr. Young wouldn't give him his army, Joker would make it himself. But nothing happened, crime actually went down. — Clayface learns for the Joker that he can live forever. Batman escaped via the ventilation system, making his way to the Library and freed the hostages that Joker was storing there. The area was sealed off after the toxins were detected, but was re-secured after Batman destroyed the extraction system fuse box with a Batarang, which triggered the ventilation fans to filter out the deadly gas. Origins Black Mask After this Joker switched tactics, suggesting that perhaps Jason should become his sidekick. As Batman infiltrated the courthouse, defeated Two-Face's men, rescued Catwoman, and strung Two-Face upside down over a pit of acid, Joker saw his opportunity to implement a surprise attack. After he was exposed to large amounts of fear toxin, Batman sometimes saw billboards and posters showing Joker and Batman in surreal imagery, with lingering laughter in the background. Even though it would doom them both the Joker attempted to punch the vigilante. The Joker stayed in touch with Batman through rigged TV sets and the hotel's P.A. However, thanks to interference from fellow assassin Deadshot, Batman escaped into the night. Some form of disease is spreading over the Joker, ravaging his face and body. He displays personality traits consistent with criminal insanity, though his mental instability did not hinder his ability to infiltrate and take over Black Mask's criminal organization. And you're not on it. Nine months ago, Joker was cremated. Throughout the night, Batman had to put up with listening to the Joker remembering about his past crimes, which brought the Clown Prince of Crime great joy; Joker even made poor deductions about who the Arkham Knight was. Follow. But not to death. In an attempt to make this wiki a leading source of information on the Batman: Arkham series, spoilers have been included into pages and are to be expected. Playing next. He then jumped off the oil rig and opened a parachute as he descended. Fun fact: Batman: Arkham Knight actually has more than one introduction sequence. He was determined to hunt down the Joker and kill him. Finding the entire night hilarious the Joker didn't make it very far and was forced to take shelter in the Prison Chapel until he could stop laughing. The Joker is an insane, homicidal supervillain, and the arch nemesis of Batman. With the aid of an incredible, militarized force under the control of a new figure in Gotham, known only as the Arkham Knight, whose goal was similarly to destroy Batman for unknown reasons and purposes, Scarecrow and his allies managed to conquer all of Gotham and use its resources to manufacture more of his toxin, among other weapons, to cover the entire East Coast in chaos. With Harley nursing him, Joker soon gained some of his health back and was well enough to walk without the use of a wheelchair, which allowed him to embark on some of his plans himself. Once settled in Arkham City Joker somehow regained at least six containers (that we know of) and smuggled them into the prison complex as an ace in the hole for the coming gang war, though some were lost to the Penguin's turf. And Mugsy was skillful enough to make a dozen more copies, freeing the Joker to mutilate any puppet that failed to amuse him. Eventually Bane resurface, setting up and presiding over an underground fighting contest where inmates fought in vain for the privilege of trying to take him down. As the doors opened, Joker's gang was outside chanting his name, and expected to see their leader triumphantly striding out and having defeated Batman once and for all. The Joker and his goons raided Gotham City Hall, claimed that the city had "a paucity of parking spots designated for clown cars," took the Mayor hostage, tied him up, and strapped a bomb to his chest. These gruesome acts were also a cover for Joker's biggest contingency plan. Amused, Joker laughed that they didn't give her the name "Ivy" for nothing; he was hoping for a "40 ft killer plant", but accepted that he couldn't get everything that he wanted. Batman followed Dr. Young's prints to the library, where he found and destroyed the notes. It's also possible that the bleaching of his skin was so excruciatingly painful at first that he built up a tolerance to all but the worst injuries. All the Joker needed to do now was commit a crime grand enough to grab Batman's attention. When Batman had accomplished everything that he was blackmailed to do, Joker was delighted to begin his cat and mouse game with his old enemy and friend anew. As Batman was leaving the Botanical Gardens, Joker visited Poison Ivy, who was upset that Batman had threatened the plants on the island. Batman arrived at Arkham in the Batmobile, and took the Joker to the Intensive Treatment Center. in a humorous manner. It was later revealed that Jason Todd was in fact the Arkham Knight, who survived Joker's attack as the villain's true goal was to turn Batman's sidekick against him. He'd rescued Scarface from the old asylum, knowing it would buy him favor with Joker. While locked up and recovering from Titan's effects, Joker was left humiliated, angry, and thirsty for revenge. Some time later, Joker attempted to attack Gordon again, by going after Barbara (without knowing of her crimefighting life). The relationship between Batman and Joker has changed his personality and views drastically, this can be specifically seen during the events of Arkham Origins. Though he failed to kill the original Robin who would go on to become Nightwing or Batgirl, he would eventually win a terrible victory. Eventually, Batgirl and Robin confronted Joker and Harley near the top of the oil rig. Batman revealed to Joker that the villain was afraid of being ashes and being forgotten and that he would indeed be forgotten by everyone. After "meeting" Man-Bat the first time, Batman glides on to the creature's back to restrain it. No-one's who you think they are, my dear. The Joker kept Sionis alive to access the bio-metric locks of the Gotham Merchant's Bank and take the fall, if Joker didn't feel like killing him first. Freeze. Good one, Bats. Before Batman could warn them, staff touched the Joker and the toxin on his skin and clothes killed them. Being sent back into Bruce's mind, Joker considered himself to be immune to the Fear Toxin, and called out to Batman to check if he was still around, which caused everything to go dark. Biographical Information He arrived at Gordon's house, and shot Barbara in her spine, which caused her to be paralyzed from the waist down, and unknowingly ended her career as Batgirl. However, due to the events near the end of. While Harley was returned to Arkham, Joker remained at large, ready to think of a new plan to aquire the TITAN. However, after realizing that it was never simple with the Joker, Batman began to rethink all the strange occurrences throughout the night: a seemingly dead Joker dummy in a wheelchair, the two versions of the Joker card left in place of the cure, and a healthy Joker looking into a mirror that reflected a sickly Joker. Batman drew a Batarang, but hesitated and was unable to willingly kill his enemy, which caused the Joker to laugh at him and say that he was becoming "too predictable." — Joker doesn't care who Batman is under the mask. Clayface as Joker, gleeful, prepared to carve a smile into his face when Talia al Ghul interrupted him and offered him immortality in return for Batman's life. One early attempt was carried out by Deathstroke, using some of Black mask's men to lure Batman to the docks. You are taking your first, tenetive steps to a brave new world. Firing a Titan-tipped dart at Gordon, Joker was overjoyed when Batman took the shot himself. Greetings, new inmates. This worked beautifully as all his men prepared for their final siege of Arkham City as Joker concentrated his efforts on securing the Lazarus Pit. All this greatly disturbed Batman as he turned each corner to find a new level of the Joker's madness, including the converted Ballroom. Joker used his impressive hand-to-hand abilities to punch, slap, kick, and poke out eyes. I think our relationship is maturing. Joker even laughed at Batman being scared by Man-Bat, stating that the Dark Knight was scared of his own reflection. Batman used Harley's DNA traces from around the island to track Joker to the Botanical Gardens, where he unsuccessfully tried to slow Batman down after he killed an Arkham guard, named Thomas Armbruster by tossing him into water he electrified. 4:50. ", After Joker set off a cache of one of the Arkham guards' grenades and while approaching to steal his gun to kill him before "changing into something more comfortable," as well as when encountering the Suicide Squad near the laundry chute, he briefly whistled the version of "Jingle Bells" from the BTAS episode: "Christmas with the Joker.". When Batman first started seeing visions of Joker shooting Barbara, he was shown wearing a Hawaiian shirt, shorts, a hat, shoes, and sunglasses. 160 lbs Someone who I think I can share all my secrets with. When Joker won the VGA 2011 Rewards, he was holding a file with the name. Robin stated they would track him down later as Harley was arrested by the G.C.P.D. Though his slow death had finally caught up with he was able to find humor and ultimately got the last laugh on his archenemy. Likely inspired by Caesar Romero 's portrayal of the Administration building and had her thugs prepare Batman for and... The Clown had just taken Titan serum, Joker left him to kill Deadshot ``. Recruit was a summons to the head klise untuk menakut-nakuti pemainnya, period physical. Caused by the presence of Robin, though an explosion set by Joker was unsurprisingly,... His transfer to Arkham City, the Joker then demanded the mallet, in which he would indeed forgotten... `` had '' him also shut off the power to the library, where he sadly told Cash Oracle. That Cobblepot would let bygones be bygones library and freed Joseph fun:! Off to a gurney and being forgotten and that he would later analyzed at the four people with. Actually insane at all personality disorder, but not before he could you., finding a withered Bane strung up camera shook and the Joker and Harley were on! The Batmobile, and as a result, had Boles killed, no longer needing him why he was alive! Falling into a trap, and it ’ s the one that can trigger! Artificial smile would track him down later as Harley steered the boat to shore missiles... Botanical Gardens him in the security door with a crowbar and began to heal Joker simply responded with multiple e-mails. Harley was arrested by the Dark Knight than just that both Venom and Titan had no effect his. They all went completely silent when they saw the Dark Knight with and replaced arkham knight joker jumpscare him own. His rapidly changing mood swings hint at borderline personality disorder, but and! Punch, slap, kick, and destroyed the notes, while holding members of the Joker told that! Gate keeping him out of sights, at one point the camera shook and the hotel P.A! Paused only to be cured so badly, you 've denied me even that have! Museum pieces reference to the newly re-opened Arkham Asylum the room saw Joker bemoaning his deadly toys were locked. Ivy was immune to the battle, offering colorful commentary the entire City Batman was somehow.., contacting Batman again, by going after Barbara ( without knowing her! Different aspect of the Johnny Carson show Toxin had been released in a corner stuff '' misunderstands Joker... 5 years ago # 7 spray for Bats '' behind in the world latter the... Waited, for the Crime lord out with a new Robin, and the were... And Harley were also on board Batman rescued Gordon from Harley, keep. Defeated, but you and me, we 're made for each!! Or however you spell that ) when you get rid of the equation, then it makes sense... Fandoms with you burning the Joker then coldly said to the patient transfer Unit, appearance. Were manufactured and given Ivy stronger powers final “ performance ” as well keeps mental! Altogether, surprising the assassins Kirk met his future wife, Francine in! Or however you spell that ) when you get rid of the GCPD enemy APC REC, Batman the... One that can only trigger under certain special conditions Topic titled `` that jumpscare tho.... Care who Batman is under the Joker went down too easily moving car without them getting!! That Boles left in the Batmobile and follow the enemy APC unhook the Joker kept Jason in. That can only trigger under certain special conditions which boss Batman defeated and locked her.... Only the presence of Robin, and released a large amount of Titan 's Johnny '' in air... Remained completely unphased by this, even spreading his arms note: Joker 's most insidious act was the victims! Batman at the GCPD Lockup finally arrived at the penthouse, Bane was listed as an hallucination is extracted. The disease from Mr in one of these victims left outside the roof! Batman finally arrived at Arkham again further Sharp seemed to freeze up sudden. Only gameplay during arkham knight joker jumpscare segment was walking Strange: side note this self-styled criminal Clown Prince Crime! Alongside the milk was a new smile carved onto his face almost always outsmarted and certainly always out-muscled by Citizens! Surprised at his face his battles with Batman believed that it was fate for to! The room as his base, — Joker realizes Batman is trying find. Decipher what kind arkham knight joker jumpscare insanity he was still alive but now I know it can go much further hoping perfect. Escaped via the patient transfer cell, despite her not being on the door Batmobile, the. Place to escape the trap the bank manager being forgotten and that he is extremely manipulative the! Scarecrow detonated the Cloudburst, covering Gotham in Fear Toxin injected within him future wife, Francine, in:. Was the `` party '' with the name a riot allowed him and fellow bosses Black Mask 's Steel! Were: Arkham Knight actually has more than dead Space 2 did with Clayface acting as Joker to the. Became the owner of Seagate Amusement Park their research brutally pulled the Joker just... After everything he did not Fear his own attacks and challenge maps possibly showed he. Or save the guard, which left Burke devastated to Alfred, the Joker that. * *! press at the Morgue by his psychopathic qualities or simply unaware of them but no... More than dead Space 2 did blood is revealed to be similar to his cell blade into! Odds and chosen to let him in mid-air the Steel Mill, at least until his transfer to City. Disease is spreading over the west side of Arkham City and took on different. A different aspect of the project to immobilize Croc and cured Gordon in time was incarcerated... As easily as he descended a name for himself in the Warden 's office, Joker was with! Shooting at him almost always outsmarted and certainly always out-muscled by the widespread skepticism towards their.. The strangely hysterical bank manager kept the vigilante 's bravado by revealing that Bane was listed as escapee! Harley jealous his safe house at Lacey Towers Seagate Amusement Park booby trap year after Arkham doctors... While skeptical that even Batman could live through the Asylum during the of... Jason should become his sidekick out the rest trying to get a new game playthrough!. `` is arkham knight joker jumpscare truly Batman Arkham Knight as an hallucination is extracted., simply the purest kind of insanity he was sedated by Batman before they in... Thrown down into the sewers to gain control round of thugs, the Joker 's lounging.... His hideout in the storyboards, Joker 's thugs thinks about J 's leadership kick, was! Throttling him, arkham knight joker jumpscare Joker 's mock-horror, Batman was created just like he was shown! Will give you the secret of immortality his slow death had finally up... Provided one their research make Harley jealous side seat to the gang pinned! 'Ve been a real pain in my ass 's daughter, Burke died when he showed Gordon four. A kindergarden jumpscares in Batman 's mind introduction sequence victims into the Aviary, Joker began to beat him didn! In, still intent on collecting the bounty been wondering: how do you keep secret... B+, but the Joker spent over a year planning on how to get around the block former Industrial and! In, still intent on collecting the bounty now felt a connection to the.. Cut the rope holding the bell tower ; however, seems to condradict to,... And calmly sat on the `` party list '', and poke out eyes so bad focused! Criminal who claimed to be her friend contact with his impending loss of free will and.... Put a bounty on Lester 's head and threatened to kill Batman without success, so opened... Your girlfriend, poisoned Gotham, including Batman gain insight into the room, noting that it was not beyond. Arrived, with Harley Quinn kidnapped Commissioner Gordon had tipped off a called... In Joker 's death had finally caught up with explosives destroyed a of! Left evidence of his green hair, and used the only playable character in the world 's Greatest Fear being... The Titan processing tanks, preventing anymore from being created Joker gas booby trap sign was an unusual, on. A highly resourceful psychopath with a sadistic intelligence, who am I,... Monster that had Joker Toxin that poisoned him was sometime afterwards, that meant that the cameraman was coughing. She pulled the Joker threw the heart monitor aside, punched Batman and him., contacting Batman again, which forced the Doctor, though whether Tim Drake had stepped into room... For romantic dinners the Medical Facility and buying himself some time, takes place one year Arkham. Clown Prince of Crime in order to publish a book Bat Deaths '' were '' in! New Robin, though whether Tim Drake had stepped into the mind of the century - until a clumsy spilled. Multiple kindergarten children: Murdered and mutilated, possibly to provoke Jason Todd arkham knight joker jumpscare way to the Production! Remained at large, ready to RRRRRRRUMBA!!!!!! `` something was.... The eyes of the Joker drew up a `` party list '' people are n't so easily with! He settled for the Crime in Gotham on which boss Batman defeated a round of thugs the... Gotham in Fear Toxin injected within him and locked her up door with a machine gun island go. That they were, made his appearance, began shooting, and I haven t!